Christmas and Lifesavers

The last time I remember celebrating Christmas was when I was six years old. Its a distant yet fond memory. I remember receiving lifesavers from my Grandma and marveling at how utterly amazing they tasted. It was a lovely time.. with people. Because of circumstances, life has brought me another Christmas to celebrate and more … More Christmas and Lifesavers

Hacksaw Ridge Review

I just recently watched this movie in theater and it instantly became one of the most moving heart touching stories I’d ever seen in film. I had known of the story of Desmond Doss before this touched the theaters, and as usual, you expect less then accurate portrayal. However, I was not disappointed. Each important … More Hacksaw Ridge Review

Your Relationship Status Does Not Define You…

I see it all over Facebook. “Single.” “Taken.” “It’s complicated.” “Married.” You name it. Considering we all have that innate desire to find love and happiness and fear the struggle of loneliness, its only natural that this focus exists. However, there is something very unsettling when a persons relationship status defines them. If they are … More Your Relationship Status Does Not Define You…

The Sky

Is the sky the lingering background and finishing touch of the earth’s beauty? Or the lofty point on the scale that climaxes as the greatest canvas of all? What generates the moods and changes of the sky? Hovering superiorly, it nonchalantly tosses back its swirled fluffy locks and radiates brilliantly while still maintaining a dream … More The Sky

Time Travel

Time Travel. The very idea is filled with fascination, strangely alluring, and incredibly enchanting as one considers all the potential time travel could offer. It would uncover the mysteries of time, give an entire perspective of the causes and effects that happen, even if we do not live to see it. It remains a favorite … More Time Travel

A Life-Guaranteed Adventure: Six Younger Siblings

Whether it’s a chaotic train wreck of opinions or possessions that results in six screaming lawyers (who are also the victims) vengefully alerting the world of their problems, wrongs and rights, or six best friends sharing an inside joke in a random gas station at 2 in the morning and getting the giggles much to … More A Life-Guaranteed Adventure: Six Younger Siblings

Testing Your Dreams

2016. It’s a new year. A new chapter in the history of mankind. Something will happen this year that will change our lives in some way that will never leave us. Each year does that. That was the direction my mind was turning as I watched the fireworks and flipped my inward calendar and bade … More Testing Your Dreams